Floor & Surface Cleaner with Degreaser Concentrate (UnFragranced)

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How does it work?

All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner offers a multi-pronged attack to cleaning using a specialised eco-surfactant system and a plant derived, carbon neutral, VOC free eco-solvent to provide wetting, penetrating, soil cutting and anti-redepositing action, effectively lifting and removing grease, soils and debris from the cleaning surface replacing the need for harsher more traditional technology.

A unique microbial blend gives the product the ability to penetrate porous surfaces and establish effective self renewing biofilms, providing effective residual action and long lasting protection from offensive odours that conventional cleaning products cannot reach. The blend secretes enzymes that work against a wide range of organics, including fats, oils and greases, proteins, starch, cellulose and uric acid. This enables them to digest organic debris at the source and target the breakdown and ultimate removal of organic deposits.

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