Royal Academy of Engineering Praises Aqua Mundus Service Levels
“We have been using Aqua Mundus, here at the Royal Academy of Engineering for many years and continue to be appreciative of the excellent service they provide. They offer flexibility when requesting additional service visits and are always accommodating when faced with last minute service changes. We would certainly recommend them.”     Ritchie Hepburn ​ Facilities Manager Royal Academy of Engineering   Royal academy of engineering utilises the Big Dipper range of automatic grease traps range. The Big Dipper® is a range of passive manual and automatic grease removal units, solids strainers, and accessories designed to keep your kitchen wastewater free flowing.  Manufactured for over 25 years and supplying over 50,000 units worldwide, with an industry leading 3 years warranty.  Installation of a Big Dipper System can reduce or eliminate grease problems and assures minimisation and elimination of costly fines through efficient separation and removal of free-floating Fats, Oils & Grease. It also helps reduce / eliminate pumping and disposal costs associated with conventional grease traps or interceptors. Find Out More About Our Big Dipper Range 
Unblocktober - Save Our Sewers And Seas
8,000,000 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year   48% 48% of the British public have flushed wet wipes   180,000,000 180 million - estimated number of cotton buds flushed down our toilets each year   48% 48% of the nation pour fats, oils and grease (FOG) down their drains   Unblocktober is the world’s first month-long national campaign and awareness month to improve the health of our drains, sewers, watercourses and seas - driven completely by the British public.   Unblocktober 2019 saw more than 5,000 Britons across the country pledge to change their kitchen and bathroom habits at home and at work to help save the environment, and this year we need even more of you to get involved.    So we are asking you to commit to not putting the following 16 items down the drain this month so you can make a big difference, without having to make a big effort...     You can find more information about  Unblocktober  on their website -
Aqua Mundus sits on Warwick business school panel
Aqua Mundus’ Managing Director, Kriss Ombler, participated in a recent Q&A session hosted for MBA students of Warwick Business School. Kriss was invited to sit on the Q&A panel by Warwick Business School Associate Fellow and family friend, Dr Peter Summerfield. Kriss was one of three entrepreneurs who were asked to participate in the discussion on entrepreneurship and provide insight into the challenges that business people face. Kriss comments: “I was delighted to be asked to participate in this event by Peter. Engaging with Warwick Business School students, who brought innovative and academic ideas to the fore of the discussion, was particularly stimulating. It also gave me a valuable opportunity to remove myself from the day-to-day running of Aqua Mundus and to think more about future strategy and plans for the business.” The Q&A session followed a lecture on business resilience by Dr Summerfield who is a respected businessman and mentor who focusses on supporting new business ventures in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. Prior to his retirement, Dr Summerfield enjoyed a successful career in the global automotive and aerospace industries. He is committed to lifelong learning and, as well as Lecturing at Warwick University’s business school, recently completed a Certificate in Nanotechnology at Oxford University.
Kingspan appoints Aqua Mundus as certified service provider
Kingspan Water & Energy has appointed grease management experts, Aqua Mundus, as a certified grease management installer and service company for its “Smartserv” grease products. Designed specifically for use in hospitality, foodservice and public sector applications, Kingspan’s grease management portfolio includes Trapzilla grease traps, iFOG bacteria dosing units, its SmartServ remote measuring and monitoring systems, ongoing maintenance support and tankering services. Benefiting from more than seven years’ experience in the installation and servicing of grease management solutions, Aqua Mundus is headed up by Kriss Ombler, who has worked in the industry for more than 15 years. Aqua Mundus is one of the UK’s leading independent grease management installation and service providers and works with numerous product manufacturers. The Aqua Mundus team handles installation, commissioning and servicing requirements on the complete range of grease management systems ranging from large EN1825 grease separators to small grease traps. Kriss Ombler, Managing Director of Aqua Mundus, comments: “Our certification by Kingspan underlines the quality of service and support we provide to the foodservice and related industries. We look forward to working with Kingspan and its customers.” For more information about Aqua Mundus visit
What to consider when buying a grease trap....
WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING A GREASE TRAP As a responsible foodservice business, you’re keen to install a grease management solution to manage the fats, oils and grease entering your drainage system and the wider sewer network but how do you ensure you’ve chosen the right solution? Kriss Ombler provides some advice on the key factors to consider and questions to ask. 1) How many covers does your food establishment supply per day? This is important because it affects the amount of FOG (fats, oils and grease) that your kitchen is discharging. Your menu options (the type of food you produce) can affect the amount of grease produced so it’s useful to bear this in mind when deciding which grease trap you may require. The type of grease trap you purchase can be affected by the number of meals you serve per day, the type of cuisine you provide and your operating times. 2) How many sinks/appliances will be connected to the grease trap? If you only have one or two sinks in your kitchen then you won’t require the same type of grease trap as one that can manage four or five. Additionally, if you have a dishwasher connected to a grease trap it will affect the flow rate and the type of grease trap which is most suitable for your kitchen. Calculating the maximum flow rate your kitchen produces is essential when selecting your grease trap. At Aqua Mundus, we provide a sizing tool to help you work out the most appropriate grease trap for your premises. It can also save you money on maintenance and emptying costs on an ongoing basis. 3) How big is your kitchen? The grease trap you choose should reflect the type and size of kitchen in your food service establishment. If space comes at a premium, you may want to consider having your grease trap installed below ground or in a basement/plant room. SIZE MATTERS! If you opt for a grease trap that far exceeds your requirements it can mean you’re literally putting money down the drain, but if you choose one that is too small, it might be ineffective and you will increase the amount of maintenance it requires and as a result, ongoing running costs. 4) How hands-on do you want to be with your grease trap? Grease traps can be passive, manual or automatic depending on your specific requirements. Do you or your colleagues want to empty it or would you prefer a contractor such as Aqua Mundus to service it for you? Do your premises have access for a tanker to empty the grease trap, if that’s required? If you want a low maintenance grease trap you could consider a fully automated Grease Removal Unit that only requires two minutes of daily maintenance. 5) Durability – The quality of the product The phrase buy cheap buy twice is definitely a factor in this industry. When selecting which grease trap to install, it’s advisable to choose an industry recommended brand. If you do this then your grease trap will usually be installed with a guarantee on the parts, labour and construction. Some units are installed with three years warranty, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your grease management is taken care of. Aqua Mundus is one of the UK’s leading independent grease management installation and service providers and works with numerous product manufacturers. The team handles installation, commissioning and servicing requirements on the complete range of grease management systems ranging from large EN1825 grease separators to small grease traps. For individual, project-specific guidance on grease trap specification, call us on 01386 832205  
Aqua Mundus Appointed as UK Service Partner by ACO
Aqua Mundus become UK service partner for ACO.     Grease management experts, Aqua Mundus, have been appointed as the grease installation and servicing partner for ACO grease management systems in the UK.   Aqua Mundus has more than seven years’ experience of handling the installation and servicing of grease management solutions and is headed up by Kriss Ombler, who has worked in the industry for more than 15 years. Aqua Mundus works with numerous product manufacturers including ACO.   Kriss Ombler, Managing Director of Aqua Mundus, comments: “We’re delighted to be chosen as the official servicing and installation partner for ACO. ACO and Aqua Mundus share a strong commitment to providing the best quality products and services to their customers, and we look forward to working with the ACO team going forward and to building upon our already strong working relationship.”   Andy Buchan, Divisional Managing Director of ACO Building Drainage, said: “Aqua Mundus were the obvious choice for our business. They not only deliver an excellent customer service but, because they’re not aligned with a single manufacturer, they’re able to provide customers with impartial expert advice with regard to the installation, commissioning and the ongoing maintenance of grease management products. This, combined with their technical abilities, was a key factor in their appointment.”   Aqua Mundus’ ability to handle installation, commissioning and servicing requirements on the complete range of ACO grease management products, which includes everything from EN1825 grease separators to small grease traps, was also vitally important.   Aqua Mundus is now working on projects for ACO customers based throughout the UK.   For more information about Aqua Mundus visit