Foaming Dispenser - Refillable

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Ez Clear
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Ez Clears foam sanitiser dispenser provides a Never-Run-Out complete virucidal and bactericidal soluion. The first defence against infectious pathogens.


Never-Run-Out System:

  • 2500 shots per pouch refill. 0.6ml shot means you use at least 40% less than the equivalent liquid system.
  • Foam means no drips, better application, less wastage, less mess and less cleaning
  • 75-80 shots of Foam Hand Saniiser/Hand Soap retained in patented NRO chamber for continued use after the refill has emptied
  • When the refill is fully empty and sanitiser/soap reaches a pre-determined level in the chamber (40 doses), integral electronics activate a red LED to signal the refill is empty and ready to be changed
  • Refills need only be replaced when they are completely empty
  • Allows for cleaners and maintenance operatives to change refills without interrupting their daily routine
  • No more complaints about empty dispensers
  • No more wasting product by replacing refills that are not empty
  • Best-in-class precision valve ensure reliable dispensing every time – no drips or clogs
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