Foam Hand Sanitiser 5L

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A naturally derived, Alcohol and Quat free foaming hand sanitizer,delivering a highly efficacious, more cost-effective solution that is environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin.



● Kills 99.999% of many common germs

● Virucidal and bactericidal

● Approved to EN14476 & EN1276

● Foam clings easily to hands unlike gels

● Uses beauty industry technology to minimize irritation and prevent drying leaving soft hands

● Offers residual protection unlike alcohol hand sanitizers



● Up to 50% more washes per volume than gels

● No clogs, splashes or drips

● No gelling agents that leave hands feeling sicky

● No water required

● Free from dye and perfume, suitable for food areas

● Non-flammable requires no special storage



● CO2e reduced by 85%

● Alcohol and Quat free

● 100% Biodegradable

● Natural and sustainable technology

● Safer for the user than traditional sanitizer


Use Instructions

Apply one dose.

Rub well across dry hands.


Product Compatibility

Ideal for both health care and food handling environments. Also suitable for schools, offices, washrooms, hospitality

areas, public transport, and all public areas to help control the spread of germs.


Safety & Storage

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The product is non-flammable so no requirement for secure ventilated storage. Store at room temperature.


Available Pack Sizes

6 x 500 ml

2 x 5L

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