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Aqua Bio-Lite
Manual Drain Treatment

Manual treatment for fats, oils and grease using easy to dispense dissolvable sachets for use within grease traps, drain lines and floor gulleys.

The Aqua Bio-Lite sachet is simple placed in a bucket of tepid water and mixed for a few minutes, the biodegradable packaging dissolves allowing the grease digesting bacteria to become active ready to be poured into the drainage line.

Aqua Bio-Lite is a specially formulated microbial product designed for maintenance of drain lines, grease traps and septic systems. The bacterial strains have been specially
selected for their ability to break down grease and similar organic solids, and prevent further build up ensuring that drain lines downstream of the grease trap run freely.
The bacterial strains selected produce a wide range of extra cellular hydrolytic enzymes that aid the biodegradation of other substrates that might be encountered in drain lines,
grease traps and septic systems such as fats, starch, protein and cellulose.

Application Instructions
Aqua Bio-Lite are packed in sing bio-sachets which are intended for single dose. Usage is one bio-sachet per week for most situations (please review dosage guidelines). The Aqua Bio-Lite sachet is simply stirred into 5 litres of tepid water mixed for a few minutes and then the solution is poured down problem drains including those leading to grease traps. Dosing should be designed to occur at times of little or no activity, or at a time of slow flow. This helps to optimise conditions for bio-degradation of grease and other target substrates.

Benefits of Aqua Bio-Lite
• Prevents build-up in drain lines, grease traps, pump sumps and urinals
• Reduces COD, BOD and suspended solids of discharge systems and thus reduces waste treatment costs and surcharges
• Saves plumbing and maintenance costs associated with blocked drains, pump sumps and grease traps as it reduces frequency of unblocking and emptying
• Eliminates odours in grease traps, pump sumps and drains
• Significantly reduces the production of hazardous and noxious gases in pump sumps
• Digests soap scum and body fats in bath and basin waste pipes
• Removes deposits and slime from beverage tower drains and collection trays

• Overloaded foul smelling grease traps
• Kitchen drain blockages
• Foul smelling floor drains
• Blocked urinal pipes and foul smells
• Blocked bath and shower drains
• Slow moving basin drains
• Grease deposits on float switches, walls and surfaces in pump sumps
• Waste slops and deposits associated with beverage towers

Appearance: white powder
Fragrance: yeast-lile
Shelf Life: 24 months
Bacteria Count: 2.5x108 bacteria / g
Packaging: 200g sachet

Dosage Guidlines
Application Doseage
Grease Trap 1 Sachet p/w
Floor Gully 1 Sachet p/w
Septic Tank 1 Sachet p/w
Meals p/w Dosage
10-50 1 Sachet p/w
51 - 100 2 Sachets p/w
101 - 150 3 Sachets p/w
151+ 4 Sachets p/w