Big Dipper Grease Separators for Automated Waste Removal

Aqua Mundus is one of the leading wastewater treatment companies in the UK, known to provide world-class waste treatment systems as per European industry standards. The company offers world-class Big Dipper Grease Separators to streamline commercial waste removal.

Big Dipper Grease Separators: At a Glance

Our grease separator is a self-cleaning, automatic grease removal unit useful for commercial kitchens where high volumes of waste is produced. The device is specifically designed to prevent contaminated kitchen waste from flowing through the drains.

The separators trap the fat, oil and grease (FOG) present in the kitchen waste with the help of a central retention tank. The separation takes place inside the central tank and the grease produced gets accumulated on the surface of the water.

The system automatically transfers the accumulated waste within the system to an external collection container. In addition, the strainer basket that comes along with the separator is instrumental for capturing the incidental solids that flow from the kitchen pipes.

The timer attached to the system controls the self-cleaning operation of the Big Dipper grease trap, which also activates the skimming wheel at a pre-fixed time. The cleaned water thus produced is transferred to the drainage system. The Big Dipper grease trap is suitable for the following fixtures:

  • 1 to 3 compartment sinks
  • Pre-rinse stations
  • Combination ovens or wok stations.

Big Dipper how does the system work

Benefits of the Big Dipper system
  • Removes around 99.5% of FOG from the drain lines
  • Prevent the need of any biological fluid or chemicals
  • Equipped to filter incidental food waste
  • Enhance the life of drainpipes with the help of point of source removal
  • Prevent the need of routine drain jetting
  • Prevent drain odours
  • Improves the kitchen and drainage hygiene
  • Cost-effective solution


Salient Features of the Big Dipper
  • Full automatic self-cleaning cycle.
  • Automatically removes collected fat, oil and grease from the retention tank
  • Equipped with 24-hour timer and grease collector
  • Made of rust proof material suitable for installation in virtually any location
  • Appealing sanitary stainless steel exterior
  • Convenient installation with integrated Motor/Grease Outlet/Heater/Lid
  • Compact impression
  • On site flow direction alteration

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