S65 Bio-Fluid Pro for WPL Grease Guzzler from Aqua Mundus

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S65 Bio-Fluid
S65 biofluid for use in the new Grease Guzzler v2 patented drain treatment system
Formulated to combat the different types of FOG (fats oils and grease) found in commercial kitchens, it comprises 58 different types of bacteria, producing a naturally occurring cocktail of enzymes and micro-organisms, rigorously screened to eliminate pathogens.

Degradation is the result of two simultaneous processes. Enzymes make the first assault, breaking the grease into simpler food particles, which are edible to micro-organisms; these then digest and degrade the grease further. As the hungry micro-organisms grow, they reproduce rapidly by splitting, which at the same time releases more enzymes to perpetuate the process until all the grease is broken down.

The result is the conversion of grease into fatty acids and glycerol; water-soluble products that form an emulsion. Harmless to the drain, this transformation is irreversible. As these products continue their way through the drain line, degradation continues until the grease is broken down into carbon dioxide and water.
The S65 BioFluid is to be used only in the Grease Guzzler systems using its patented AIR technology; Activation of grease degrading biofluid, Incubation of the bacteria within the internal mixing tank over 6 hours, Release of the active micro-organisms into the drainage line by an automatic programmable controller.