AQUA MUNDUS – LipuMax P Series

High performing and durable below ground grease separators designed to efficiently separate fats, oils and grease 

Key features and benefits

  • Advanced construction – Using expert design, the LipuMax P series is a compact and rigid one-piece roto-moulded polyethylene construction.
  • Stability - A built in rib structure provides positive features to key into surrounding concrete and a buoyancy proof shaft to the top edge of the manhole cover.
  • Weight capability - The top section permits onsite height adjustment and is suitable for full load classes A15 to D400. There is also an optional concrete load distribution plate for a D400 load. This cutting-edge technology enables you to reduce your requirement for slab-reinforcement.
  • Progressive protection – LipuMax is robust against problems such as upwelling, eliminating the requirement for any further onsite works by resisting ground water to service level.
  • Test of time - The LipuMax has a consistent high performance and guarantees product stability for 50 years.
  • Fully BS EN 1825 certified


How does the AQUA MUNDUS LipuMax work?

The AQUA MUNDUS LipuMax is a range of below ground grease traps designed to efficiently separate fats, oils and grease from kitchen effluent. Using the physics of gravity and the density difference between fats, oils, grease (FOG) and water, grease floats upwards, sludge sinks downwards and the “cleaned” water flows away.
Due to its expert construction from compact and rigid roto-moulded polyethylene, structural stability is guaranteed with an AQUA MUNDUS LipuMax for 50 years, and you are guaranteed protection against upwelling without any further onsite works. The warranty is valid providing the separator is installed, commissioned and maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions.

The top section of the LipuMax grease trap provides safe access inside the unit. There are three varieties, for load class A15 and B125, each one has a fixed dimension and two raising sections each covering a specific height range. The raising sections can be cut to the exact height as required. 


All grease separators require maintenance to remove waste once the separator is full. The LipuMax range of separators need to be emptied completely. There are two options, either via an inspection cover (basic model) or direct suction (all other models). By using an inspection cover, the wastewater is removed from the separator unit using a suction pipe inserted into the separator by opening the inspection cover. Odours can escape from the separator when emptied out via the inspection cover. For direct suction the separator can be fitted with a suction pipe. This pipe should be extended to an accessible location for the disposal tanker and fitted with an appropriate connector. The sealed connection limits/prevents the escape of unpleasant odours during emptying. An optional grease level sensor warns the user that the grease separator needs emptying.


Cleaning the LipuMax grease trap is also an essential part of the maintenance process and has two functions. Firstly, to clean the inside wall of the separator and secondly, to facilitate the suction of the waste by breaking up and liquifying the grease layer. LipuMax units have three possible options with regards to cleaning. The first two are manual options, either via the inspection cover using a water hose, or a high-pressure cleaning system inside the separator that is manually used to clean the internal walls of the separator without the need to remove the inspection cover, therefore preventing the escape of odours. The alternative option is an automated high-pressure cleaning system. This programmable cleaning system removes FOG and sediment from the internal walls of the separator. The program provides a cleaning and filling cycle using a factory setting that can be re-programmed to suit the customer’s need there is no need to remove the inspection cover, making maintenance manageable and more user friendly.  


At the end of the maintenance process the final stage is refilling the LipuMax unit. There are three options that are available with the LipuMax model. The unit can be filled via the open inspection cover, or via a manually operated filling device (preinstalled) which enables the unit to be filled without the need to open the inspection cover.  The final option is an automatic filling device, which operated with a solenoid valve, which is operated from the control panel.  

Which LipuMax unit do I need?

The LipuMax P series has four ranges that have a variety of functions. Please see below the various types and their descriptions.

LipuMax P-B (Basic Model)

  • Emptying, disposal and cleaning via an open shaft manhole cover
  • Removal of grease can also be conducted via a lorry suction pipe
  • Refilling of the unit is done with a hosepipe or inlet pipe

LipuMax P-D (Direct Suction)

  • Disposal via direct suction line
  • Clean via open shaft manhole cover
  • Content removal via pre-installed disposal pipe with closed cover
  • Manual cleaning

LipuMax P-DM (Direct Suction – Manual fill)

  • Installed with a connection for direct suction and easy waste disposal
  • High pressure cleaning operated manually
  • No odour build up
  • Refills with fresh water via ball valve and filling device

LipuMax P-DA (Direct Suction – Automatic fill)

  • Direct suction line disposal
  • Automated high pressure cleaning
  • Automatic program sequence for disposal and cleaning
  • Automatic refilling with fresh water via magnetic valve and filling device
  • No odour build-up
  • Grease level sensor (defined grease level display)

Why should I choose an AQUA MUNDUS LipuMax? 

For consistent high performance. AQUA MUNDUS’s expert construction ensures that you are investing in a reliable and durable system that will ensure effective management of kitchen wastewater in your food service establishment. Furthermore, the LipuMax is manufactured, tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 1825. BS EN 1825 is a European standard specifying definitions, nominal sizes, principles of design, performance requirements, making, testing and quality controlling of grease traps. The polyethylene separator is light, making it easy to transport and install. Furthermore, polyethylene is an environmentally friendly material as it can be reused following decommissioning of the separator.

The LipuMax grease trap can be used in a variety of applications, including hotel kitchens, restaurants, hospital clinics and care homes, large catering establishments, factory and office canteens and university catering facilities.