Aqua Mundus | S10 Bio-Powder for WPL Mini Guzzler

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S10 BioPowder

S10 Bio-Powder for use only in a Mini Guzzler drain dosing system.

Supplied in 5KG container.


Many of Mini Guzzler’s unrivalled benefits result from the exclusive formulation of S10. Throughout the development period biological scientists carried out extensive tests on other bio-compounds and found none that performed consistently to our criteria. The winning attributes of S10 lie principally in its physical composition, which enables the application of ‘bio-fixation’ technology - meaning that the active content, the microbes, are integral rather than just a surface coating. As a result, the lining that it forms on the drainpipes is less vulnerable to harsh flows that may pass by, such as bleaches or detergents. The only part lost is the surface layer, with all the rest remaining intact, enabling the bio-products to reproduce to repair the damage. This is illustrated below:




How S10 Works
The drain coating formed by the S10 culture is active in two ways. Firstly, it prevents grease build-up along the drain run by attaching itself to any deposits that land, sloughing off to keep them in suspension. Secondly, it leeches into and attacks existing deposits of congealed grease, reducing them steadily until the pipes are clean. Heavily grease-congested drain pipes should be cleared manually by rodding or jetting before installation of Mini Guzzler to prevent the risk of blockage from the loosening of large grease chunks. We strongly recommend that no other bio-compound is used in the Mini Guzzler system. However, the biotechnology marketplace supports constant development and, should you encounter an apparent equal to S10, we will always be happy to test and approve it, provided we are satisfied that it meets claimed performance.



For use in Mini Guzzler:
S10 bio powder for WPL Mini Guzzler