Efficient Grease Management through Aqua Bio-Lite Manually

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Aqua Bio-Lite

Are you looking for a simplegrease management solutions to clear drain lines of fats, oils and grease (FOG)? Manual treatment can be achieved using theeasy to applydissolvable sachets which are used with grease traps, drain lines, floor gulleys and many more applications.

With Aqua Bio-Lite, you can easily protect drainage lines within the workplace. The application process involves simply taking a sachet and dropping it in a bucket of tepid water, allowing the bag and contents to dissolve, once complete mix the solution for a few minutes. The grease digesting bacteria is now active and ready to be poured into the drainage system. This will degrade and manage the level of fats, oils and greases within the drains and reduce the likelihood of future pipework blockages.

Aqua Bio-Lite is in specifically formulated microbiological product which is designed for the purpose of grease management, protection of the drain lines, grease traps and septic systems.The bacterial strains that are in the solvent are specifically formulated due to their ability to break down the FOG particles and other similar organic solids, they help in preventing further buildup of the grease and allow for free flowing drain lines.

These selected bacterial strains generate a huge range of extra cellular hydrolytic enzymes which are deemed helpful in the biodegradation of other particles that can be found within drains, septic tanks, grease traps etc. Some of these can include fats, starch, protein and cellulose.With the process of grease management, we can easily manage trouble free drains.

Benefits of Aqua Bio-Lite

• It helps in the prevention of fat, oil and grease build-upswithin drains, grease traps, pump sumps, septic tanks and other drainage places.
• It helps in the reduction of the waste treatment costs and surcharges by decreasing the COD, BOD and other suspended solids in the outlet system.
Grease management is very helpful in saving on unexpected plumbing and a maintenance cost that comes with blocked drains, pump sumps and grease traps. This also decreases the frequency of unblocking and emptying.
• Bad odors withingrease traps, pump sumps and drains are eliminated.
• Helpful in the reduction of the hazardous and noxious gases in pump sumps
• It is also very good at digesting the soap scum and body fats
• Very good in the removal of the deposits and slime in the beverage tower drains and collection trays

• Overloaded foul smelling grease traps
• Kitchen drain blockages
• Foul smelling floor drains
• Blocked urinal pipes and foul smells
• Blocked bath and shower drains

• Slow moving basin drains
• Grease deposits on float switches, walls and surfaces in pump sumps
• Waste slops and deposits associated with beverage towers

Dosage Guidlines

Application Doseage
Grease Trap 1 Sachet p/w
Floor Gully 1 Sachet p/w
Septic Tank 1 Sachet p/w
Meals p/w Dosage
10-50 1 Sachet p/w
51 - 100 2 Sachets p/w
101 - 150 3 Sachets p/w
151+ 4 Sachets p/w