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Choose from a Wide Range of Premium Grease Traps

Aqua Mundus is a premier provider of innovative grease trap solutions across the UK. The company is known to offer eco-friendly waste management solutions at reasonable prices. Choose from a wide range of grease traps available at Aqua Mundus, suitable for almost every need and budget.

What is a Grease Trap?

Grease trap is equipment used to treat the wastewater produced by kitchens and food processing areas. The waste usually contains a mixture of FOG (fat, oils and grease) that has lesser density than water and therefor floats on the surface of the water. Grease trap helps in the separation of such FOG particles from the wastewater and prevent them from flowing through the drainage pipe.

Separated Fats, Oils & Grease are retained inside the trap by a series of baffled chambers and the solid food waste is contained by the internal strainer basket whereas the cleaner 'grey' wastewater passes through the separator via a submerged outlet to the main drain.

Aqua Mundus supply an array of grease traps for virtually every grease waste removal issue. The company has expertise in providing the perfect solution for your kind of waste removal problem. In addition, the company provides services for all type of sites ranging from new to existing food service establishments. 

Types of Grease traps

Above Ground Grease Traps:

Available for both internal and external uses, such traps are to be installed next to the contaminating sink/equipment within the kitchen area. For larger units, they can be centrally located within the plant to take the wastewater from the entire kitchen. The options include:

Below Ground Grease Separators:

As the name suggest, all Below Ground Grease Separators are to be installed below the ground level; however, the access cover allows the entry to the unit for maintenance. These traps can also be installed within a building when fitted with proper airtight lid to prevent any odour. The options include:

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