Grease Shield GS3000 F

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GreaseShield® GS3000 F

Functions & Features:

  • Low Maintenance
  • No biological agents, enzymes or chemicals needed
  • Automatic FOG & solids removal
  • Self cleaning
  • PLC controlled
  • Magnetic baffle for bioremediation
  • Reverse flow configuration
  • Grey water recirculation
  • Globally certified award winning technology
  • The only Green Certified grease trap in the world

Grease Shield is effective at preventing blockages in drains and protecting pump stations whilst significantly reducing the load on waste water treatment plants. Grease Shield products protect the environment whilst harvesting grease which can be utilised as a source of renewable energy. The grease Shield GS3000 F is one product of a range of user friendly, pro-active, fully automated mechanical grease traps which effectively and efficiently separate and remove food solids, fats, oils and greases.


The Grease Shield GS3000 F eliminates the recurring requirement to pump grease traps and refill them with clean water. It also removes the requirement for biological agents, enzymes and chemicals making it a low maintenance and much more affordable option.



  • Pot Wash & Pre-Rinse Sinks
  • All Dishwashers
  • Floor drains & all ofther FOG contamination points


Grease Shield GS3000 F Flow Rates:

  • Pro Active = 3.0 L/S


  • Global GreenTag LCA Rate Gold Certification
  • PDI G101 (Plumbing & Drainage Institute)
  • ASME A112.14.3 & A112.14. 4 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation)
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association) - Grease Interceptors
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory)
  • IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) Uniform Plumbing Code Certification Mark
  • CE - Conformity with Health, Safety and Environmental Protection \ Standards with the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • EN1825 (European Standard for Grease Separators)
  • KIWA (ETA DK, Swedac & SINTEF) - Sweden, Norway and Finland. European Institution for Testing, Inspection and Certification 
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