Below Ground Grease Traps

Aqua Mundus offer a variety of market leading below ground grease interceptors which can be easily installed in both internal and external locations.

Below ground passive grease traps will need regular maintenance to achieve the efficient removal of the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)from the waste water. The units also trap food waste sediment and the cleaning of the sludge deposits which are separated from the contaminated water are removed by the use of vacuum tanker.


Note: As part of the drainage layout only waste water that consists of food waste, fats, oils and greases should be discharged into the grease separator. It is imperative that the effluent fromtoilets, macerators, rainwater should not be connected to the separator inlet in any circumstances as the separator is only for the kitchen waste.


Biological Grease Trap with Sediment Basket

Grease trap with biological activator; a grease digesting biological fluid is injected into the system at regular intervals up stream of the units location. With the help of internal sediment basket the user can easily removethe large food particles which can also be a contribution to blocked drains.

Sizes available for establishment producing 50 - 1000 meals per day

Liputec Separator

We also offer a wide variety of Liputecgrease interceptor. Aqua Mundus can provide you with the most cost efficient component system below ground grease separator solutions for a variety of applications.
Sizes available for establishment with a flow rate of NS1 (1 litre per second) to NS10 (10 litres per second)+

GRP 2 & 3 Stage Separators


Soon we will update about these products and for any information on the 2 & 3 stage separator products please call us on 01386 832205.

Compact Super-Capacity Trapzilla Grease Trap

Trapzilla® Super Capacity Grease Traps with patented technology offer continuous fat, oil and grease removal with out any loss of efficiency due non thermal inversion.

Sizes available for establishments with a flow rate from 2 - 9 litres per second.