Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM)

Before and After Image of Pre-Planned Maintenance Grease Management SystemWe provide a range of maintenance options, including pre-planned maintenance that is usually scheduled to a specific agreement.

This is a cost effective way of making sure your grease management system is maintained and working correctly. 

Frequent maintenance eliminates the need for reactive calls and potential kitchen downtime.

The Grease Management equipment we can service includes but not limited to

  • Automatic Grease Removal Units (GRUs)
    • Big Dipper
    • Grease Guardian
    • Grease Shield
    • Goslyn
    • Grease Master
    • Fatstrippa
    • Grease Release
    • Grease Beta
    • Grease Capture
  • Passive Manual Grease Traps
    • Swan FreshMesh
    • Aluline
    • ACO
  • Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors
    • Trapzilla
    • LipuJet
    • LipuMax
  • Biological Drain Treatment Systems
    • Grease Guzzler
    • Grease Pak
    • GD Pro
    • Generic Peristaltic Dosing Units
  • Food & Coffee Catchers
    • Filter Shield
    • Goodflo F-Bag
    • Coffee Catcher