Aqua Mundus | Grease Guzzler v2 Drain Treatment System using S65

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The Grease Guzzler® is an innovative, self contained solution to grease management. Designed for any environment where Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) can cause blockages in waste pipes or drain runs. The system utilises patented bio-technology, ensuring efficient and effective drain cleansing with minimal impact on the environment.



The Dosing Cycle

Grease Guzzler & S65 Dosing CycleAt a pre-programmed time, usually once a day, the Grease Guzzler releases a unique biological cleaning solution into the drain line. This is developed within the machine from a concentrated ‘bio-fluid’ formulation called S65™.

Each cycle begins with a dose of S65 bio-fluid concentrate into the incubation tank filled with cold water. The tank is gently heated for eight hours to stimulate the micro-organisms to multiply, resulting in the creation of a rich soup of grease hungry bacteria.

Food scraps and peelings should be prevented from entering the drain by installing a simple mesh screen at the drain-head. If allowed through, the bio-products will 'eat' the scraps, but this may diminish their concentration around the grease.

We do not recommend the use of garbage grinders. These simply macerate the scraps into a pulp, increasing their surface area and providing an even more attractive food source for microbes. Once the system has dosed, the pipe work will be left with a culture of grease degrading micro organisms that continue to actively prevent the build up of any grease that finds its way into the drainage system during the dosing off periods.

S65™ Bio-Fluid

S65 concentrate is the result of over ten years research and development into biological grease management. It comprises of a purposely selected and naturally occurring cocktail of non-pathogenic enzymes and micro-organisms, forming a mixed culture composite. This improves the Grease Guzzler's ability to combat the many different forms of grease that are commonly found in commercial kitchens.

Where should the Grease Guzzler® be installed?

The Grease Guzzler is designed to be sited in any kitchen, other than domestic properties, where fats, oils and grease can potentially lead to blocked drains. It is designed for mounting on to an internal wall, normally in the kitchen, close to the drainage waste pipe. Connections are very simple - cold water and electricity in, drain access out.

Dosing should occur close enough to the first sink or drainage discharge point so that grease cannot solidify in pipe work upstream; whilst far enough downstream for the bio-products to be working within their optimum temperature range, 35-40 degrees C.

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