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Where should the Grease Guzzler® be installed?Grease Guzzler & S65 Dosing Cycle

The Grease Guzzler is designed to be sited in any kitchen, other than domestic properties, where fats, oils and grease can potentially lead to blocked drains. It is designed for mounting on to an internal wall, normally in the kitchen, close to the drainage waste pipe. Connections are very simple - cold water and electricity in, drain access out.

Dosing should occur close enough to the first sink or drainage discharge point so that grease cannot solidify in pipe work upstream; whilst far enough downstream for the bio-products to be working within their optimum temperature range, 35-40 degrees C

No hidden costs or unexpected extras

– fully comprehensive parts and labour agreement.
  • Single phase, 5 amp electrical supply
  • Cold water supply
  • Discharge point into drain
  • Non-disruptive refill, by supplier, every six months
  • Approximate size: height 540mm; width 560mm; depth 205mm
  • Internal wall mounting

    Grease Guzzler dimensions

Download the Grease Guzzler product brochure here.