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Grease Guzzler & S65 Dosing Cycle

The Grease Guzzler Dosing Cycle

At a pre-programmed time, usually once a day, the Grease Guzzler releases a unique biological cleaning solution into the drain line. This is developed within the machine from a concentrated ‘bio-fluid’ formulation called S65™.

Each cycle begins with a dose of S65 bio-fluid concentrate into the incubation tank filled with cold water. The tank is gently heated for eight hours to stimulate the micro-organisms to multiply, resulting in the creation of a rich soup of grease hungry bacteria.

Food scraps and peelings should be prevented from entering the drain by installing a simple mesh screen at the drain-head. If allowed through, the bio-products will 'eat' the scraps, but this may diminish their concentration around the grease.

We do not recommend the use of garbage grinders. These simply macerate the scraps into a pulp, increasing their surface area and providing an even more attractive food source for microbes. Once the system has dosed, the pipe work will be left with a culture of grease degrading micro organisms that continue to actively prevent the build up of any grease that finds its way into the drainage system during the dosing off periods.