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Nominal Size 2

The below listed grease trap units are all suitable for a nominal size 2 calculation.

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Big Dipper w-250-is-e point of source grease trap, removes over 98% of fat, oils and grease from commercial kitchen waste drains
Big Dipper 250 Automatic Grease Removal Unit (1.6 l/s)

Big Dipper 250
1.6 litres per second flow rate 
Pre Rinse Sink, 1-4 Compartment Sinks (457 x 457 x 305), Wok Range (1-5 stations), Combi Ovens, Ventilation Hood
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Trapzilla TZ-160 by Thermaco grease trap interceptor
Trapzilla TZ-160 (2.21 l/s)

Trapzilla TZ-160
Flow Rate: 2.21 litres per second
Construction: Rotationally Molded Polyethylene
Grease Retention Capacity: 72+ KG
Inlet/Outlet: 3” (75 mm)
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Aqua Bio-Pro automatic drain maintenance system using multi strain biological fluid
AQUA Bio-Pro drain dosing system

Aqua Bio-Pro

Mains or Battery Operated

The Aqua Bio-Pro is an automatic drain maintenance dosing system protecting commercial kitchens from fat oil and grease build-up within the drainage line. Applications Drainage Lines Grease traps Septic Tanks Pumping Lift Stations Sewage treatment - to solve problems with fats, oils and grease.
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Aqua Mundus BSGT8, 80 litre stainless steel grease trap with food catcher internal basket.
BSGT8 Stainless Steel Grease Trap


BSGT8 Stainless Steel Grease Trap
- Takeaway
- Dishwasher
- Small Kitchen 10-50 covers
- Medium Kitchen 51-100 covers
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MSGT10 mild steel grease trap for use in commercial kitchens or with dishwasher, small kitchen 10-50 covers, medium kitchen 51-100 kitchens, large kitchen 101-150 covers.  2.08 l/s with liquid capacity 100 litres, grease capacity 32KG
MSGT10 Mild Steel Grease Trap

MSGT10 Epoxy Coated Mild Steel Grease Trap
- Dishwasher
- Small Kitchen 10 - 50 covers
- Medium Kitchen 51 - 100 covers
- Large Kitchen 101 - 150 covers
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Grease Guzzler from Aqua Mundus - brings patented pre activation process using a high concentrate S65 biofluid
Grease Guzzler v2 drain treatment systems
RETAIL PRICE: £1,495.00 Exc VAT

Introducing the Grease Guzzler ® - a high performance biological dosing system employing exclusive incubation technology to keep kitchen drains grease and odour free. more info