Grease Traps and Christmas

Grease Traps and Christmas

Keeping your kitchen flowing through the festive season...

The festive season, with all its joy and celebration, is also a festival of food, bringing with it a significant increase in demand to restaurants and their kitchens. Christmas menus full of rich, fatty foods mean kitchen grease traps have their work cut out for them. On top of this, the cold weather can sometimes introduce unique challenges to grease management systems too. In this blog, Goodflo’s experts are sharing how to ensure your kitchen grease traps are prepared for the festive rush and the coming winter conditions, helping you maintain smooth kitchen operations at what is often the busiest time of the year. 


The Festive Surge: Preparing Your Kitchen Grease Traps  


With Christmas menus very often featuring succulent turkeys, rich gravies, and a variety of fried treats, the demand on kitchen grease traps intensifies considerably. The surge in fats, oils and grease (FOG) production can strain an unprepared system. This is where Goodflo's expertise comes into its own, as we can ensure your grease traps and grease removal units efficiently manage this increased FOG output. Ensuring your grease trap is not only operational but also optimised for high volume is crucial. Goodflo offers comprehensive grease trap cleaning and grease trap treatment products, perfectly tailored to maintain system efficiency during your busiest festive kitchen days. 


Understanding How Cold Weather Impacts Grease Traps 


It’s not always the most obvious thing to think about, but the drop in temperatures during winter can significantly impact the functionality of kitchen grease traps. Colder weather can lead to much quicker solidification of FOG, heightening the risk of blockages and quickly leading to inefficiency. To counteract this, regular checks and maintenance are crucial. Insulating your external grease traps or considering an indoor installation might be beneficial. Goodflo’s range of grease trap treatment products can also play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of your system in cold weather. 

Keeping Your Kitchen Grease Trap at Peak Performance 


Amidst the festive cheer, one aspect you can't overlook is the maintenance of your kitchen grease traps. A diligently maintained grease trap not only operates more efficiently but also helps in preventing unwanted odours and unforeseen emergencies that could disrupt your operations. At Goodflo, we specialise in grease trap cleaning for commercial kitchens, offering thorough and reliable services. Our dedicated team ensures that your grease trap is in top condition, ready to manage the expected high volumes of Christmas FOG. Goodflo will keep your grease management system running smoothly, so you can focus on serving the festive spirit without kitchen hiccups. 


Managing Grease Trap Emergencies and Post-Christmas Maintenance 


Prevention is always better than cure, but the festive season can sometimes bring unexpected grease trap emergencies, like sudden blockages or overflows. Quick thinking is essential in these situations to keep your kitchen open and operating. Keep Goodflo's contact details at hand for swift emergency support, and if you encounter a problem, try to minimise additional wastewater entering the system and pause kitchen operations if at all feasible, to mitigate the issue before help arrives. 

Equally important is planning for post-Christmas maintenance. After the high demands of the season, a thorough check of your kitchen grease trap is advisable. Arranging a maintenance visit with Goodflo ensures that any FOG build-up is effectively cleared, and your system is thoroughly assessed for any potential issues. This proactive approach ensures your grease trap continues to function optimally into the new year.  

If the season has taken its toll on your ageing device and grease trap cleaning can’t solve the issue, and a new one might be the best course of action, our grease trap supply and install service for commercial kitchens will effortlessly replace your system and have everything working perfectly in no time at all. 




The role of grease traps in commercial kitchens is crucial, more so during the busy festive season. Proactive maintenance, understanding the impact of cold weather and having a reliable partner like Goodflo for grease trap cleaning and emergency services can make a world of difference.  

This Christmas, make Goodflo your partner for all your grease management needs. Our comprehensive solutions cover everything from installation to cleaning and emergency support. Contact us right here on the website, give us a call on 01926 334466 or email for all your commercial kitchen grease trap needs. 

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