Royal Academy of Engineering Praises Aqua Mundus Service Levels

“We have been using Aqua Mundus, here at the Royal Academy of Engineering for many years and continue to be appreciative of the excellent service they provide. They offer flexibility when requesting additional service visits and are always accommodating when faced with last minute service changes. We would certainly recommend them.”  


Ritchie Hepburn

Facilities Manager

Royal Academy of Engineering


Royal academy of engineering utilises the Big Dipper range of automatic grease traps range. The Big Dipper® is a range of passive manual and automatic grease removal units, solids strainers, and accessories designed to keep your kitchen wastewater free flowing.  Manufactured for over 25 years and supplying over 50,000 units worldwide, with an industry leading 3 years warranty.  Installation of a Big Dipper System can reduce or eliminate grease problems and assures minimisation and elimination of costly fines through efficient separation and removal of free-floating Fats, Oils & Grease. It also helps reduce / eliminate pumping and disposal costs associated with conventional grease traps or interceptors.

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