Run a Hospitality or Events Venue? How Can We Help You?

Run a Hospitality or Events Venue? How Can We Help You?

You may know that restaurants are legally required to install and maintain a grease trap, a device that separates fats, oils and grease (FOG) from kitchen wastewater and stops it from entering the sewer. This is vital in ensuring that sewers don’t get blocked by fatty buildups – sometimes known as fatbergs – causing major problems for anyone connected to that sewer. It is often thought that only restaurants need to install grease traps, but every kitchen that cooks hot food is required by law to have a grease separation solution, whether it’s a café, catering unit or, yes, event and hospitality venues. If you own or operate an events venue but have never heard of a grease trap, read on.


Tailored Grease Management Solutions


Keeping your business on the right side of compliance and avoiding potential fines and prosecution is obviously a good thing. But having a grease trap installed, or even replaced, can be tricky with all the different models, types and even methods available. That’s why we offer customised grease trap installations and maintenance plans to suit the requirements of your hospitality or events venue. Our range includes everything from compact under-sink models for smaller venues to robust underground systems for larger establishments. We also specialise in something called grease dosing, another innovative way to deal with your FOG obligations.


Compliance Made Easy


With Goodflo on your side, the worry of FOG compliance evaporates. We keep things very simple not only with our grease trap supply and installation services but also with our grease trap servicing and maintenance options, meaning we can provide your business with a full end-to-end grease removal solution. We can even remove the accumulated FOG from your trap for environmentally considerate disposal, providing you with all the necessary paperwork. With Goodflo, you're not just investing in a partnership that ensures your operations are compliant, efficient and environmentally responsible.


Protecting Your Reputation


We understand that in the fast-paced world of hospitality and events, reliability is non-negotiable. The idea of a major kitchen breakdown in the middle of an event – such as a wedding or a corporate conference – is unthinkable, and could lead to unhappy clients, negative reviews and potential loss of future business. Significant sewer blockages in particular can take weeks to fix, and they don’t just impact your kitchen.

That’s why we place such emphasis on ensuring your grease management system works flawlessly. Our grease trap cleaning service is designed for rapid response to any issue, keeping your kitchen operational and your events hitch-free. By partnering with Goodflo, you’re investing in the reliability and reputation of your venue, ensuring that every event is remembered for all the right reasons.


Here to Help


Choose Goodflo for a stress-free, eco-conscious grease management service that ensures compliance and operational excellence. We're committed to supporting your events and hospitality ventures with unparalleled service. Contact Goodflo on 01926 334466 or email  today and elevate your venue's success and sustainability.

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