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CafeTRAP is a fine sediment filtration trap produced by Aqua Mundus that provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of food sediment and coffee grounds in kitchen effluent. It is an ideal unit for coffee shops, delicatessens and sandwich bars where there are large amounts of coffee grinds and smaller food particles entering the drainage system.

CafeTRAP uses a patented FreshMesh basket filtration system that enables the highly efficient separation of solid waste from water. The basket has super fine filtration that removes 99% of food and coffee grinds sediment waste using its internal super fine 1mm filtration.

The CafeTRAP is compact and space efficient. It is ergonomically designed and therefore the filtration basket allows for easy maintenance and waste disposal. Furthermore the CaféTRAP is constructed of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and is supplied with a 10 year warranty.

To increase its versatility, the CafeTRAP is designed with a dual outlet. This enables it to effectively manage both coffee grounds as well as grease. The lower outlet is positioned to siphon coffee grounds efficiently, whereas the higher outlet can be used to intercept grease. The CafeTRAP is an ideal minimalistic unit that can manage a singular coffee machine with the basic model (CT5) or with the larger unit (CT20) a greater number of fixtures, including jug wash sinks.