Aqua Mundsu | GreaseBeta TFM Food Solids Strainer

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Food Sediment Solids Strainers

GreaseBeta solids strainer

'Food' sediment waste can cause drainage problems as much as fats, oils and greases. Food waste collects around fat deposits in drains, making it much more difficult to degrade. It also increases the likelihood of blockages, floods and foul odours.

Removal of food waste at source is an often neglected form of wastewater treatment, yet with the simple installation of a effective Food Solids Strainer in a commercial kitchen can effortlessly prevent the majority of their food waste entering the drains. 


  • Standalone product
  • Made from 1.5mm stainless steel for long-term durability
  • Manufactured in the UK exclusively for CBio
  • Situated beneath the rinse sinks/potwash/spray wash sinks
  • Directly plumbed into the kitchen drainage so cannot be bypassed by the operator
  • Cannot be disconnected
  • 10 and 15 litre options available


  • Simple design; food waste is collected in a drawer, which can be simply and quickly emptied
  • Capable of removing over 1 tonne per annum of food waste from a single site's kitchen drains
  • Can prevent 98% of food waste entering the drainage network
  • Reduces foul odours in working kitchens



  • A daily empty and clean of the drawer is generally all that is needed
  • Busier sites may need more frequent emptying


Ideal for


  • Food service areas where there is insufficient space for a Mighty Trap or Big Dipper automatic grease trap
  • Areas where clogged drains are an issue e.g. cities with older, smaller drainage networks