Used & Refurbished 40 Litre Grease Trap
- SSGT4 Stainless Steel Grease Trap

This SSGT4 stainless steel grease trap has been fully deep cleaned and refurbished, including new lid seals and isolation vales etc. The new system as below description would come with 10 years warranty, the refurbished system comes with 5 years warranty.

Recommended retail price is £495.00, this refurbished system with 5 years warranty is up to 45% discount.

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Manufactured within Great Britain our SSGT range of traps are constructed of high grade 304 stainless steel incorporating the patented FreshMesh filtration system and 10 year warranty as standard.
Using the unique filtration system to remove solids and collect fat, oils and grease from the kitchen effluent to allow free flowing clean water to the outlet waste pipe. The units small foot print and build quality allows installation internally or externally, retro fit or location changes are easily completed with standard multi-fit connectors. With user maintenance in the design specification of the system, all SSGT units come complete with an airtight lid seal and quick release catches for easy inspection and cleaning.

Applications suitable for installation of the SSGT4

Domestic Kitchen / Coffee Machine



Small Kitchen
10-50 Covers

Medium Kitchen
51-100 Covers

Large Kitchen
101-150 Covers

Extra Large Kitchen
151+ Covers




Size dimensions of the SSGT4

SSGT8 Dimensions