Big Dipper 500 3.15 L/ps Automatic Grease Trap from Aqua Mundus

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Big Dipper 500 (3.15 l/s flow rate)
Fully automatic self cleaning cycle. Removes collected fats, oils & grease from retention tank without any operator assistance. Comes complete with 24-hour timer and external collection container for easy disposal. 
Constructed of corrosion resistant materials suitable for installation in virtually any location. Attractive sanitary Stainless Steel exterior.
Integrated Motor/Grease Outlet/Heater/Lid enables a fast, do-it-yourself unit operation reversal.
Compact footprint. Two 50mm rubber couplers provided for simple installation on to kitchen waste pipework.
Product Information 
Material Exterior:
304 Stainless Steel, Bright Finish
Material Interior:
Rotationally Molded Polyethylene
230 VAC, 50 Hz, 520 Watts (2.3 Amps)
Maximum Inlet Flow Rate:
3.15 l/s
Number of Skimming Wheels:
Grease Skimming Rate:
9.08 Kg Per Hour
Grease Retention Capacity:
45.4+ Kg
Internal Solids Strainer Capacity:
9.5 Liters
Single Fixture Sizing Applications:
- Pre Rinse Sink
- 1-6 Compartment Sinks (610 x 610 x 381mm)
- Wok Range (8+ stations)
- Combi Ovens
- Ventilation Hoods
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