Aqua Mundus | Trapzilla TZ-600 Super Capacity Grease Interceptors

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Support Stand (SSA)
Extension Neck (ECA)
6” inlet / Outlet


Trapzilla Super Capacity Grease Interceptor
For full details on the Trapzilla please view the Trapzilla grease trap category page
TZ-600 Trapzilla’s compact design and available options allow installation into more than 90% of Food Service Establishment facilities. You can install the Trapzilla grease interceptors and solids separators inside in the floor, outside in the ground, between floors, above the floor and you can easily configure systems with one or two Trapzilla units for additional capacity. 
TZ-600 - 75 GPM (4.73 l/s)
Construction: Rotationally Molded Polyethylene
Grease Retention Capacity: 272+ KG
Inlet/Outlet: 4” (100 mm)

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Trapzilla TZ-600 technical specifications
Technical specifications and sizes of the TZ-160 grease trap



Trapzilla Brochure
Full brochure and model ranges of the Trapzilla grease trap


For full details on the Trapzilla please view the Trapzilla grease trap category page
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