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Not all commercial kitchen blockages are caused by the build up of fats, oils and grease.  Sediment particles including, food waste, coffee grounds and starch can also contribute to the restriction and costly exercise of unblocking drains.


We have a range of high performance patented sediment filter traps for use within commercial kitchens as a pre-filter unit or as a stand alone system.

We can also custom design and build a range of food and nonfood sediment traps for commercial and industrial use.

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Filter Shield from Aqua Mundus Filters Food Waste, Vegetable Peelings and Coffee Grounds
Filter Shield® Food, Coffee and Starch Sediment Filtration
List Price: £295.00 Exc VAT
Sale Price: £249.00 Exc VAT
Savings: £46.00


Filter Shield®

'Not all drain blockages are caused by fat, oil and grease’

The unique and patented designed FilterShield protects commercial kitchen waste pipes by removing food sediment, coffee waste grounds, rice, potato peelings including starch from entering the drainage lines.

Located either internally or externally with the units corrosion resistant durable polypropylene construction, the system is installed in line and connects to the outlet drainage of the contaminating sink or equipment.

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food solids strainer for kitchen sink
Food Solids Strainer

Food Sediment Solids Strainers

'Food' sediment waste can cause drainage problems as much as fats, oils and greases. Food waste collects around fat deposits in drains, making it much more difficult to degrade. It also increases the likelihood of blockages, floods and foul odours.

Removal of food waste at source is an often neglected form of wastewater treatment, yet with the simple installation of a effective Food Solids Strainer in a commercial kitchen can effortlessly prevent the majority of their food waste entering the drains. 

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sand and play filter sediment trap
Sand & Clay Sediment Filter Trap


Sand & Clay Sediment Filter Trap

Utilising the patented super fine FreshMesh design the SCGT1 is small but highly efficient sand, clay and fine sediment filter trap. High performance system constructed of 304 stainless steel makes it ideal for internal or external locations.

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SSGT1 100% 304 stainless steel coffee grounds catcher and food filter trap.
SSGT1 5 litre Stainless Steel Grease Trap


SSGT1 FreshMesh®

Utilising the patented FreshMesh design the SSGT1 is small but highly efficient incidental food waste catcher. The low profile design allows for installation in the tightest of locations with only a 100mm high basket, constructed of 304 stainless steel makes it ideal for internal or external locations for Coffee Machines, Display Fridges, Rice Sinks, Prep Sinks etc.

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